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Our Process

Diagnostics & Planning

Prior to the dental restoration workflow, BDDinc incorporates Nobel Biocareʼs Nobel Guide which uses an industry proven prosthetic-driven approach that optimizes biomechanics, functionality, and esthetics of the prosthetic restoration. Detailed diagnostics and planning ensures a clear understanding of the unique dental characteristics, and that surgical procedures are well documented to ensure a safe and predictable outcome. Dental impressions and bite registration are taken in conjunction with the planning step to produce a visual prosthetic model. This model will help to evaluate overall dental esthetics and functionality - an important step that provides the foundation for consistent dental restorations results.

3D Modeling & CT Scan

Following a unique scanning protocol (double scan technique), we scan to acquire the patientʼs anatomy and transform the model into a radiographic guide. BDDincʼs in lab CAD/CAM technology provides state-of-the-art digital imaging to virtually evaluate and define the optimal position of the dental implants according to clinical, anatomical and prosthetic aspects.

PreSurgery Fabrication

Using guided implantology, BDDinc creates a surgical template that contains all the information needed to fully guide the surgery. The NobelGuide incorporates guide sleeves and a guided implant mount to ensure precise placement of the implant. The surgical template is also used to fabricate longterm prosthetics prior to surgery.